Derek Nelson/John Rambo

How have i not seen this before? Derek nelson vs the jungle.


Soul 24

Pete was kind enough to upload this sheffield edit from soul 24, released in spring 2004! cant believe its almost 10 years old. Hopefully we’l see the alternate edit from the bonus online soon too. Jersey hammering the pedals whipping over dirt just as tundra desert kicks in. Cant get much better than that!

“Grinding Halt”

2013 mix straight outta’ chester…


Cymbal hubguard best thing i’ve ever purchased

Bush League

Thats it, next time i take the dog up the woods I’m taking my bike…

If you’re busy then skip to 1:45 as thats when the riding starts.

On a completely different note, i’ve just moved to gateshead so havnt got much time on my hands to be updating this. Try not to be to upset.

Happy Days

Admittedly i havnt watched all of this as its nearly 35mins long, but the parts i have seen seem pretty good. Mostly little street jibs.

Geg Out

Dan Roper, Mini, Fitzy, Addy, Matty Lambert, Ollie Evans, Phil Demattia, Paul Ryan and Pete Sawyer